i am here_recovered, performance & installation

Concept and performance: João Fiadeiro

Scenographic concept: Walter Lauterer

Light concept: Daniel Demont

Set up: Paulo Morais

Live photography and light operation: Katia Ka


Premiere: 2018 / Festival Citemor, Montemor

Photos by José Cruzio

I am here_recovered is a performance-installation that adapts the staged work I Am Here into a site-specific environment. In the original version João Fiadeiro placed, in some of the audience seats, speakers that would amplify the sound produced by the microphones that he had in his body and surrounded the performance area. The audience was far but could intimately access his breath, movement and presence. In this recovered version it’s as if João Fiadeiro invites the spectator from I Am Here to come into the stage and experience the same intimacy but now physically, without the mediation of the technology. In this way I am here_recovered gets closer, in a more explicit way, to the territory of the visual arts and performance art, where the distance  (and difference) between spectator and work is dramatically reduced.

The traces left by I am here_recovered  exposed in space after the performance.