i was here, a lecture-performance

Concept and performance: João Fiadeiro

Multimedia design: Stephan Jurgens

Premier in November 2014 at Atelier Real, Lisbon

Photo by João Fiadeiro

‘I was here’ re-visits the piece “I am here” created in 2003 and which, in turn, visits the universe of the fine artist Helena Almeida. This “habit” of re-visiting, re-inhabiting, living the same thing but from another angle, from another perspective, has always accompanied João Fiadeiro modus operandi. The device of the “lecture-performance”, hybrid place between presentation and representation, between performance and document, amplifies furthermore this way of operating, making possible the simultaneous experience of being “present-absent”, so cherished in João Fiadeiro’s way of thinking.

In this particular piece, João Fiadeiro exposes – through the presentation of films, photos, texts, models, small presentations, etc. – the way how the encounter with Helena Almeida’s work took place; the encounter with Helena Almeida herself; the way how, on its different levels, the displacement between the original affection, the formulation laid down and the work manifestation developed; and the way how the relationship between the several collaborators went through, especially with the visual artist and architect Walter Lauterer, author of the scenography-sculpture that hosts João Fiadeiro body in the piece I am here.

This lecture-performance shares not only the process that originated I Am Here but also the strategies and modus operandi that guides João Fiadeiro in the creation of his works.


Photo by José Frade




Inhabited Painting (excerpt) by Joana Ascensão about Helena Almeida. In this passage we see a conversation between the artist and João Fiadeiro in the moment in which he shows her a video with images of “I Am Here”.