A.Dnz Dossier on AND_Lab

A.dnz is an annual publication of the Department of Dance of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile and contains articles, blogs and dossiers that show the body as the epistemic axis of artistic creation, research and education procedures. The magazine also seeks to be a support for the dissemination, interaction and reflection of the departmental work with research and contemporary artistic creations at the national and international level. The aim of the magazine is to contribute to the critical reflection of dance as an artistic-aesthetic phenomenon that generates knowledge and, thus, also to propitiate and promote other ways of undertaking artistic writing, recording, archiving and research.

In 2015 A.dnz published an excessive dossier on the research developed by AND_Lab, a project hosted at Atelier Real between 2011 and 2014.

“The AND_Lab | Centre for Artistic Research and Scientific Creativity, directed by João Fiadeiro and Fernanda Eugénio, positions itself as a platform for education and research at the interface between creativity, sustainability, politics and daily life. Working as a common place for collaborative research on the convergence between art and science, theory and practice, ethics and aesthetics, modes of existence and modes of creation, AND_Lab operates in the encounter between two transversal concerns – how to live together? and how not to have an idea? – and in-between two modes of thinking-doing – Real Time Composition and Ethnography as Situated Performance.”